Question: Is Nintendo Switch Trackable?

Can Nintendo track stolen switch?

It doesn’t have GPS so cant be tracked directly. However it does register the IP location when used and associates any new account with the serial number, now registered as stolen.

Can you track your switch?

There is no current find your Switch functionality in the Nintendo Switch. So if you want to be able to track it you need to modify it with a GPS tracker yourself.

How do I find my lost Nintendo switch?



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How to find your missing Nintendo Switch Controller / Joycon


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Why is Nintendo switch out of stock?

A Nintendo Switch console shortage could hit Europe and the United States as soon as April 2020. According to the latest reports from Bloomberg, Nintendo’s supply chain has been affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

What happens if I lose a switch game?

Yes, save data is stored on the console, not the cartridge. However if you lose your console, you will lose your saves unless you are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online where your saves would be backed up into the cloud. Yes, with a few rare exceptions of physical/digital having different titles.

Can GameStop tell if something is stolen?

That is, assuming there’s a serial number to verify. If it’s a game disc, odds are good you’re not getting the exact same game back. You’re probably going to get a GameStop printed case, and whatever disc they can find Short answer: they don’t.